Peter Gilgan Foundation’s Business & Community Leadership Incubation Lab coming Summer 2018


Peter Gilgan Foundation’s Business & Community Leadership Incubation Lab

Launching in Summer 2018!

Halton – May 2, 2018 – Girls Inc. of Halton, the organization that inspires all girls to be strong, smart and bold, is pleased to announce a $150,000 grant from the Peter Gilgan Foundation to expand programming opportunities! Starting in summer 2018 the Peter Gilgan Foundation’s Business & Community Leadership Incubation Lab will promote the exploration of business and community related opportunities for girls 13 to 18 years old to participate in an intensive development project.

All girls selected for the Peter Gilgan Foundation’s Business and Community Leadership Incubation Lab project will learn about financial literacy, entrepreneurship, community engagement, leadership and social enterprise. Smaller groups of girls will delve into a variety of relevant projects that serve a need in their lives/community. The girls will work in teams with Girls Inc. of Halton staff, as well as professional mentors on their projects. The program is designed to encourage more girls: to learn new skills, take risks, fail, try again, develop resilience and work/support each other. The environment is 100% focused on developing more female leaders and support systems to ensure that they continue to thrive, after the program ends. At the end of the summer girls will be recognized at the Girls Inc. of Halton Celebration Luncheon, with awards for the teams that best represent and inspire more girls to be Strong, Smart & Bold!

“With this grant, the Peter Gilgan Foundation is making an important contribution to our critical college and career readiness programming.” noted Shelley Nicholls, Girls Inc. of Halton Executive Director. “We are excited to expand the activities and experiences we offer our teen girls with opportunities that will prepare them for success during and after high school. This investment will empower more girls to pursue careers as entrepreneurs and business leaders in the community.”
“The Peter Gilgan Foundation recognizes that advancing opportunities for girls and women, requires that we continue to look for ways to support innovative programs that help young people connect with employment success.” said Stephanie Trussler, Peter Gilgan Foundation, Program Officer. “The Foundation is excited to partner with Girls Inc. of Halton on this project to inspire more girls to be Strong, Smart & Bold!”

About Girls Inc. of Halton
Girls Inc. of Halton facilitates mentoring through individual and group programs ” inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold .” Our mandate is to provide a “pro-girl, all girl” environment where all girls: – Are encouraged to take positive risks – Interact with more female role models – Needs and interests are served – Are recognized for their achievements
In Canada over 50% of girls say they wish they were someone else, over 90% of girls feel pressure from the media to be thin. In grade six 36% of girls say they are confident, however by grade ten it is down to 14%. Information from the Canadian Statistics on how girls see themselves Based on the needs of our community and to help reduce the confidence sag in young women Girls Inc. Halton provides research based programming to ALL girls.

About Peter Gilgan Foundation

The Peter Gilgan Foundation is a private foundation created by philanthropist and business leader Peter Gilgan. Donations totalling more than $160 million have been directed to a variety of causes, including; health and wellness, recreation and active lifestyles, educational institutions, international development and environmental protection. The Peter Gilgan Foundation’s current focus is on children, youth, and families, as well as environmental protection and international development.