Faraz Khan



I was born in Pakistan and moved to Montreal at the age of ten. I lived in Montreal with my family until the age of 14 and achieved fluency in the French language. It was a challenge moving to a place where English was not the first language along with the culture shock, a pleasant one of course. My family and I later moved to Windsor because my father who was an accomplished lawyer in Pakistan received admission into Law School there. I saw him work several jobs to support his family as well as attend law school. His passion and hard work is my inspiration. My father being my hero, my mother being the superhero is far more admired in my family. She has been a stay at home mother who dedicated her life to raising her children into accomplished individuals today. I can proudly say that the love and care I received from my mother was a blessing which helped me grow into the person I am today. I come from a culture where a man’s education is more important than a woman’s, due to the fact that he is the bread winner of the family. However, this is value is not prevalent in our family, there are doctors, lawyers and successful business women who I am proud to call aunts, sister and cousins. I am committed to changing this global stereotype by helping empower young women to become more confident. Young women today will pave the future for tomorrow.

Faraz Khan
Barrister & Solicitor
Khan Law Inc